Compression fittings

  PVC pipes   
PVC gravity sewer

        Plassim manufactures PE pipes up to 1200 mm diameter
Plassim manufactures pipes for water supply, sewerage and drainage, irrigation, gas, telecom, pipeline rehabilitation, industrial uses, soil and waste inside buildings, pressure applications  multi-layer hot water and plumbing and sanitation systems. Materials include polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PP) polyethylene (PE100, PE80, HDPE) and PE-X/Al/PE-X. Plassim’s fittings include compression fittings for pressures to PN16, communication couplers for PE ducts, mini duct couplers for fiber to the home, universal fittings, saddles, electro-fusion fittings, butt-fusion fittings and sewerage fittings.
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