Sewage and Drainage

Gravity pipes for sewerage and drainage require a smooth surface area, to prevent adhesion of contaminants during transportation. In addition the pipes require high corrosion resistance,  especially resistance to acids which are created as a by-product of the hydrogen sulphide gas (H2S) and water created in sewerage systems. Plastic pipes are especially suitable for this application as opposed to metal or concrete pipes which are attacked and corroded.

Plassim meets the most stringent standards for piping systems for sewerage and drainage. The pipes are lightweight and rigid and can cope with the challenges of congestion and pressure.

Plassim provides solutions for the transportation of sewage and drainage and offers pipes in various diameters. PVC pipes in diameters of up to 710 mm, in combination with fittings imported from Germany and Italy and imported polyethylene and polypropylene corrugated pipes with diameters of 400-800 mm.  All of the pipes are licensed to carry the  Israeli Standards Mark. The company's customers in this field include water and sewage corporations, contractors and others.

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