The agriculture industry requires a variety of piping solutions for different uses. Plassim provides solutions to meet the requirements of the agricultural sector including pipes from PVC and polyethylene. Plassim’s piping systems enable transmission of water from the source to the agricultural areas, and are resistant to corrosion, climatic conditions, soil loads, pressures etc. The pipes are available in a variety of diameters according to customer needs.

Plassim’s plastic pipes for agriculture are designed for both the local market and for export. Due to advantages in containerization (nesting) and the fact that the pipes can be easily assembled (without special equipment or specialized training), Plassim’s PVC pipes for agriculture are purchased in considerable quantities by Israel's leading irrigation companies. Irrigation companies market their systems in the international markets based on pipes manufactured by Plassim. The pipes for agriculture adhere to the strictest local and international standards.

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