Production of pipes for plumbing fixtures must meet a series of requirements, in terms of quality, acoustics, transmission, durability, maintenance and reliability. Plassim’s factory manufactures pipes for the disposal of soil and waste inside buildings and homes. The pipes are available in a wide range of diameters and are licensed by the Israeli Standards Institution to mark the Israeli Standards Mark.

Plassim provides its customers with a range of plastic pipes for plumbing, both from their own production (from polyethylene and polypropylene), and also quality imported products. Plassim is the official distributor in Israel of Akatherm from the Netherlands. Plassim also imports and markets advanced systems of silent soil and waste pipes to improve the quality of life for its end-users. The pipes are characterized by quality and durability over the years. They are easy to install and connect and display high resistance to corrosion, extremes of temperature, chemicals and the like. The pipes are manufactured with a smooth surface to prevent the accumulation of sediments.

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